Passing Time During the Covid-19 Lockdown

How are you passing time during the lockdown?

Except for going out for groceries, I’ve been working from home for the past three weeks during the Covid-19 lockdown. There are different ways to look at staying home. We can choose to have a positive attitude, or we can choose to have a negative attitude. And why would you want to waste your time with a negative attitude?!  

We live very hectic lives, so staying home brings all that busyness to a screeching halt. That abrupt change is difficult for some people. So, let me tell you my own personal positives and negatives.

On the negative side:

I haven’t been able to meet with any of my clients for three weeks.

No private lessons. No group classes. Of course, that means no stable income!

I’m not able to hang out with friends.

I can’t take my wife out to dinner.

So, there are definitely some negative aspects of being in lockdown.  

But, let’s take a look at some of the positives:

I’m saving about $500 per month on gas! No wear and tear on my truck.

I’m saving money (I don’t want to say how much) NOT taking my wife out to dinner.

Since I can’t see my clients in person, I’ve been streaming workouts online. I’m learning about audio/visual technology, computer technology, etc.

I’m still meeting some of my clients on Skype, so we still have our classes, although it’s not nearly as fun.

I am taking more online classes in order to add to my certifications. When have I ever had so much time to study?!

Bill studying during Covid-19 Lockdown

I’m able to spend more quality time with my dogs and my wife. (We’ll put that in the positive category…)

And here’s one thing that everyone should take advantage of. Take the time to SLOW DOWN.

I have time to stretch and meditate.

I have time to workout.

I have time to relax and BREATHE.

And, since most businesses are closed, the air quality is better, so even going for a walk is more enjoyable.  

We’ve pulled out the karaoke machine.

We’re getting caught up on our binge-watching on Prime and Netflix.

So, whatever your situation, try to take it in stride.

Try to look for the positive. Use your time to be productive. If you have a hobby, now is a great time to work on it. Do you have a sewing machine? Pull it out of the closet and make something. Do you have a camera? Start taking some photos. Painting set? Unleash your skills. No need to be negative. We’ll all get through this. We always do. So, stay positive. And if you’re bored, come workout with me!

Here are some of the things I’ve had time for over the past three weeks:
Walking the dog
Taking a ride
Checking the mail (again and again…)

What about you? What are you making time for during the Covid-19 lockdown?

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