Ultimate Health has partnered with Thorne, a manufacturer of high-quality nutraceuticals. We can now offer you a plethora of nutritional supplements in order to keep you healthy. I am a firm believer in supplements, since most people don’t get enough nutrients in their diet for a variety of reasons. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, healthy fats, good carbs, and protein are all essential to your health.

Set a monthly budget for your health. You can spend a little money now to stay healthy, or you will end up paying the doctor later for your poor health issues. At a minimum, everyone should at least be taking a daily Multi-Vitamin. Then, you can add things depending on your specific health needs. For example, there are a number of supplements made for heart health. Others are for gut health. What is your health issue?

There are a few other products I use, and you can find those in the store (click here.)

If you would like to see what type of products we offer from Thorne, please click here (click here.)

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