Discover Your Why

What is Your WHY?

As we near the end of January, how are your New Year’s Resolutions doing?  The gyms were packed with motivated people at the beginning of the

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Why Detox?

Detoxification is extremely important if you want to stay healthy. A detox clears the toxins out of your system, which allows your body to operate

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Got Allergies?

This year has been a big year for allergies.  With all the rain (in California) the mountains are green again, and the flowers are blooming! 

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How to be Healthy

Defining Health What does it mean to be healthy?  In my opinion, being healthy means that your entire body is working at 100% efficiency in

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Ditch the Sugar!

Ditch the sugar! We all love sweets, but too much sugar can lead to a host of health issues including diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

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Eat Fat, Get Thin

Ever since the 1980’s, the medical community has been telling us to eat a low-fat diet for better health.  Over fifteen years ago, I learned

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