Why Detox?

Detoxification is extremely important if you want to stay healthy. A detox clears the toxins out of your system, which allows your body to operate at a more efficient level. It’s like changing your oil and spark plugs in your car.  

Your body takes in toxins through your intestines, lungs, and skin. Toxins exit through the skin, kidneys, lungs, and colon. Your liver is the main detoxifier of your body, so it is important to keep it healthy. In natural medicine, it is said that “all disease begins in the gut.” This makes sense. We get our nutrition through food. Food must be processed in the intestines. If your gut is not functioning properly, nutrients may not get absorbed. If nutrients aren’t absorbed, your body cannot utilize those nutrients. That affects your entire body, including your hormones, your blood pressure and cholesterol, your glands, your brain, your immune system, and more.  

If you have any of the following symptoms, you could be toxic (auto-intoxication):
Joint Pain
Dry Skin
Sleep Disorders
Upset Stomach

Auto-intoxication can lead to health issues such as:
Food Allergies
Chrons Disease
Chronic Fatigue
Leaky Gut
High Blood Pressure

Gut dysfunction has been linked to Leaky Gut Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and even Autism. This is why it is vitally important to keep your gut healthy.  

You probably know that drinking too much alcohol is bad for your liver.  But, did you know that pharmaceutical drugs are also inherently toxic to your liver? Check the small print on the label. This is why we try to keep people healthy naturally, so hopefully, if you’re taking pharmaceuticals, you’ll be able to reduce your dosage or quit completely.  

When we detox, the body will scavenge excess toxins in the liver and kidneys. Detoxing will also help clear out the colon of any toxins, mucoid plaque, bad bacteria, etc. Just like your sinuses can be congested, your entire body can be congested, and detoxing can clear out that congestion. To be a little more esoteric, some people say that negative emotions are stored in our cells, so detoxing can remove negative emotions.  

If you’re toxic, you may also be constipated. If food cannot flow through your intestines, it will sit there and putrefy over time. This will lead to gas, bloating, bacterial overgrowth, and Leaky Gut. Leaky Gut causes spaces to open between the villi in your intestines which lets toxins leak through the intestines back into the bloodstream.  

From experience, I can tell you that when you finish detoxing, you may not only feel better, but you will probably think more clearly and have more energy. You will probably lose weight and inches around your waist. Some people use detoxing as a weight-loss program, but I’d rather say that if you detox, you will get healthier, and a bonus of that health is a loss of fat.

Deep breathing (of clean air) can help detox. A sauna can help detox. Skin brushing can help detoxing. But is the internal cleansing of the colon, liver, and kidneys that helps detox the most.  

When you sign up with Ultimate Health, we’ll have you take an extensive Health Questionnaire. The results will give us some insight into whether your system is toxic. If so, we have a number of programs to help you detox. I highly suggest everyone does a detox, regardless of your health goals and health issues. I have found that many health issues will go away after detoxing and allow you to focus on your health goals. And it’s always good to be proactive in order to reduce your chances of running into serious health issues.

Healthy in Mind, Body, & Spirit,

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